You go to uni (or don’t, that’s fine too), secure this cool job where you make real money, get promoted once or twice then realise you actually want to do something else. But how though? Isn’t it too late? Aren’t you too old to start over?

Not at all! I have friends that studied Biomed and are now Marketing gurus, studied Fitness and are currently raking Finance coins, started off in banks and now micro-manage tech startups. They realised way after completing their degrees, or working for multiple years that, actually, they’re really good at this other thing or they really love some other industry.

Funnily enough, these same friends are also good at a lot of other things too. I am so blessed to be surrounded by makeup artists, YouTubers (click here to check out some of our favourite channels), event organisers and loads of business owners!

I know you’re the busiest person on the planet, but I urge you to pick up a new hobby, or try something you’ve always admired from afar. 

Tried and you’re still crap at it? Self evaluate on the positives: “really bad, but I picked up on the basics quite quickly” (fast learner). Then move on to the next until you find something you fall in love with! You’ll gain so many transferable skills along the way. After a few weeks of Code Collabs, this Easter, you might even start using work’s WiFi to look for new roles elsewhere…

Being able to make money is already mad cool, but building the skills to create multiple streams of income will make life so much easier! 

My friends were able to change their vocation, but also learned how to use those skills to make money in new ways. Soon enough you’ll be the same, making money in your sleep and buying me cars and houses, Amen!

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