Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I replied to all of my emails, completed 3 projects, patterned the most amazing guests for Issue 002 of Frshly Squeezd (which goes live on Friday at 8pm!), started designing my personal website, cleaned the whole house, and made the world’s most elite dish: rice and stew. However, when I looked at my January to-do list at the end of the day, it felt as though I had not done anywhere near enough.

Sometimes I feel like such a productive and smart-working babe, whereas other times I feel like I just don’t do enough. It doesn’t help that I work for myself, because some people assume I wake up at 3pm, then sit and watch Netflix all day until I finally get an email (you know, because all freelancers get work once a month). They’re never afraid to let me know either, which used to bother me. A lot. It wasn’t until I had a horrible anxiety attack a few months ago, because of a comment a ‘friend’ made, that I realised that I really cannot come and kill myself, especially not for the opinion of someone that will ask me for £10 to get them to work the following week.

Oh, then there’s the people that brag about how “busy” they are. Being busy is not synonymous with being productive, so I don’t allow anyone that compares how “busy” they are with my schedule, make me feel less than. Remember, what others think/say about you is none of your business. Focus on what you feel is right, and ask us if you’re ever unsure!

I also try not to get invested in the lives of social media personalities, as I know hardly any of it is real. I don’t care to compare, or compete, with someone that flaunts fake designer items, rents out German whips, and doesn’t actually eat at the restaurants they take pictures in. If likes and followers make them happy, I’m here for it and pray they secure that influencer coin. However, it’s not me; it doesn’t have to be me. I know that I can be just as successful without doing what everyone else on the Internet is doing. My idea of a fun night out are Code Collabs workshops – who are you to judge me?!

If you set out a few feasible tasks for the day, week, or month, and you don’t get through every last one, you’re still doing a great job. The smallest step towards your future is still a step in the right direction. I’m proud of you, babe.

Take a day off to treat yourself. Even if it means wasting your time and money to go and watch people fight, followed by an inevitably terrible performance by Davido. Or if, like me, you have sense, get yourself a mask set (or some beard oil) from our friends at The Glow Pot whilst reading through your fave FrshlySqueezd posts. 

Don’t be a bum, but don’t burn yourself out. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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