We’re so used to being given lemons, and we have so many recipes on how to make lemonade. There are an infinite amount of events, tutorials, workshops, blogs, and courses that teach us how others have done things right. And succeeded. But what about if life gives you oranges?

The main aim of Frshly Squeezd is to be authentic and give people the tools to get them on track, rather than generic positive affirmations and vague advice. the angle is clear: we all take Ls, here’s how to bounce back and come back harder.

We’re so excited to release our first issue on January 1st at 8pm! Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch of frshlysqueezd.com. We’re starting the new year ready to smash all our 2019 goals, and we want you to do the same. You have until now and the launch to write down your 2019 goals.

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