You read the title right!

Yes, starting a business with no money…

It may seem impossible, like most of us believe. But starting a business with literally no money is possible.

If you still think it’s not possible, I will prove you wrong.

I have a plan which requires a computer and an internet connection only!

Follow these simple strategies to get started:

Step #1. Make use of your Skill & internet

As you’re looking forward to starting a business, I know you’ve got some good skills. Like you can do some tweaks in Photoshop and remove pimples from your face?

Make use of the internet, create a profile on freelancing sites, and start selling that skill.

Why am I asking you to make money first?

I want to start a business with no money, man!

Cool down, I am asking you to save a few bucks before.

Step #2. Be Creative, find an idea that requires no investment

I know you’re creative but can you find an idea that requires no investment?

No worries, I’ll help you out. Two types of businesses are common; product-based and services based. You’ve to choose the later one as product creation takes time and requires money.

Service-based companies require no formal investment.

Here’s how to offer your services free:

  • Focus on one SKILL:

What kind of services you can offer?

You mean you, and other like-minded people in your company. Narrow your skillset and write down exactly what you can offer.

  • Brand Yourself on Social Media:

You’re lucky as you’ve got free pages for your business through social media. Make your existence on most of the social media platforms. Use third-party services like freelancing sites to sell your services. Promote your business in relevant groups and online communities.

I know you’re good at marketing. As you’ve marketed your services effectively, I am sure you have succeeded in fetching your first customer. Be customer-oriented and offer him the best you can!

Here’s a tip from Google’s co-founder, Larry Page:

“Always deliver more than expected!”

  • Keep up the Marketing Process:

As you’ve fetched your first customer through proper marketing, you can fetch more. Keep up the marketing process.

Step #3. Earned some bucks? Build Your own thing!

Yay, you’re at the third step now!

As you’ve earned some money (I know you worked hard), spend it on making your own thing. Till now, you’ve used third-party services to promote your services. Now, you have to get your own platform, your own business site. Spend a little money for domain & hostings, install WordPress (as it is easy) and design your website with drag and drop plugins like Elementor. No need to hire developers, this will cost you a lot of money!

Step #4. Your Business is officially Online? – Scale it up!

So, you started a journey with no money in the pocket. You invited your friends to work with you for free. You sold your services on third-party platforms. Later after saving a few bucks, your own business site went LIVE.

Congrats on the achievement!

Now is the time to scale it up. By scaling, I mean to learn more relevant skills together with your team and start offering them to grow faster!

But please don’t stop, your business is in the maturity process…

Don’t stop learning, don’t stop marketing. You’ll have enough clients to pay your bills and the bank balance you dreamt off one day!


Above was the same procedure with which I started a graphic designing business online and its blooming right now. Well, that was a pure online business but in the end, you always wanted to start a business with no money and you did it!

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