Is that tiring? Is it not that interesting? Or whatever else the problem is, here’s some sound advice:

Just Leave!

However! Stop for a moment, before you decide; make yourself think. Don’t decide too quickly, let’s with some analysis.

You hear philosophies like “your decisions make up the most of your life”. These philosophies are accurately up to the mark. I believe decision making is a skill that everybody should learn. The art of making decisions helps you navigate throughout your life. We have both; success and failure stories. The difference in these stories is only based on decisions. The success story consists of well-analysed decisions while failure consists of some nonsense decisions.

About you, you’re just making a career change. That career change can’t decide your whole journey but it has some impact at the same time:

Career change and getting the job you deserve

Career change is not a bad idea if:

  • Your job is not teaching something new: The job that makes you stick to what you’re capable of is often destructive. So, if the job is not teaching anything new, make a change.
  • Your job is not according to your skills: I know you’ve acquired an updated skillset with your job inflow. If the new skill set is not being utilized in the current job, changing career is preferable.
  • Your job is making you lazy: Some jobs offer perks, and incentives spontaneously to bribe you. This makes you lazy and you don’t see any self-growth, time for a change!
  • You’re not grooming: If the job doesn’t make you a better person on a consistent approach, changing career is a mindful decision.

And instead of all these approaches, if you just want to try your luck anywhere else; stop for a moment!

I mean, you’ve got bills to pay, or you may have some debts to return. Stop for a while and play a safer side, first:

1. Have got any passive income source?

Have you got any income source(s) other than your current job?

If yes, you’re great.

If no, you’ve got to develop.

What skills you’ve got?

Offer them online at freelancing platforms, sell it!

Get some permanent clients that choose you every time for their projects.

Passive income is not limited to freelancing only. It can be from that portion/room you’re renting out at Airbnb, too.

Whatever skill you’ve got; you should quit your job only when there’s another income stream. Who’s gonna pay the bills for the time when you’re walking around as a gentleman for interviews?

2. Be Proactive

Not everybody has passive income streams; so in the last month of your current job, search for the jobs that you’re interested in. In this way, you can have brighter chances of getting the job you dream as soon as you sign the resignation letter.

This approach is called ‘proactiveness’, getting ready for what has to come.

And if you’re frustrated about the job…

I know how it feels when you’ve gone in a wrong career. You end up with frustration and think about making a change in the early days. We all go through these situations as you’re going through.

Career change is not a bad idea and I have shared some legit approaches about when to switch and how to switch.

I am sure you’ll make a career change and land on the job you deserve. As soon as you get the job you dream, you’ll remember my take on it.


Because I have experienced making a career change for years and I know both sides of the story. I hope my thoughts helped you somewhat.

Anyways, I wish you the best for the career change. Cheers!

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