Rebecca Tembo is a self-titled women’s Bespoke and Made-To-Order evening wear brand. I founded the business in April 2015 at the age of 18, after uploading a video of a dress I made, before this point I had never made a dress. It gained some interested and I was quickly asked to create dresses for proms, university balls and special occasions.

At 18 I had no clue on how to run a business, manage money, branding, marketing, customer service and the emotional roller coaster I was about to experience. Now at 21, I could be angry with myself that I’m no where near where I could’ve been considering it’s been nearly 4 years at the time I’m writing this. But I’m so grateful that I made the mistakes at an age where my responsibilities are very minimal. Because of this experience I am very confident I will achieve in 2019, more than I have in past near-to four years.

With that being said, here are 4 key lessons I have learnt on my journey:


I recently read that discipline is the highest form of self love. To be disciplined is to do whatever MUST be done whether you feel like it or not. Humans are controlled by feelings and emotions which then effects our decisions and can lead to stagnancy and mediocrity. But if you love yourself enough to give yourself the best life and achieve your grand goals, you will do anything for yourself. Do you love yourself enough to spend 2 hours a day after or before your 9-5 to spend on your business / side hustle? Do you love yourself enough to read everyday for 30 minutes? Do you love yourself enough to build your network and attend at least two industry events a month? It’s a journey which starts off very difficult, but once you master discipline, this is when you see the results because you are no longer talking and planning, you are now doing!


The average successful entrepreneur reads around 52 books a year. Learn from people who have been there before you and avoid a lot of costly mistakes! These books taught me things such as discipline, goal setting, effective networking, marketing, branding, success habits and more. The books force you to be brutally honest with yourself. But understand that reading can only be impactful if you apply the knowledge. Read, identify the parts relevant to you (no matter how uncomfortable), apply techniques, complete the tasks sets, see the results. In 2018 I read 17 books, my goal for 2019 is 24 books.

Goal Set

Use the SMART rule to create an achievable goal. Focus on a couple of goals at a time before moving to the next. Identify the daily/very frequent tasks you’ll need to do. Create goals which will transform who you are as a person. Pay off debt so you can be a financially smart person, lose 5kg and diet so you can be a healthy person. Let the goals you create not only give your monetary value, but set you up for a long successful life.

Take Responsibility

You are where you are now, because of the decisions you have made. You can argue that your poor money habits were inherited from your parents, but YOU spent the money. Luckily for you, you woke up this morning, and have another chance to rewrite your past mistakes. Your reactions hold more impact than the problem. Once you stop playing the victim, you will discover that everything you need to change your life is inside of you. If you reach December 2019 and have not achieved your most important goals, it is your fault.

Rebecca Tembo

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