“Born alone, die alone” – People only take this quote in when their best friend snakes them, or they get left on read for the third time in a row. But if you learn anything this week, it should be that you have to take care of yourself because nobody cares about you. So get over yourself.

I talk to people that really want to start a business, or find a route (other than university) to get into something like investment banking, everyday. Which is absolutely fine, and totally doable. However, whenever I’ve asked them what research they’ve done, or what they’ve achieved so far… silence.

You can’t expect anyone to want to help you, if you can’t help yourself. Google is free; the answers to most of your problems can be found in under a second on the device you’re currently reading this from. There are tons of blogs on how to find an affordable manufacturer in the UK, or how to prepare for an interview with a ‘Magic Circle’ law firm. Did you even bother to have a look on their websites before deciding that it’s soooooooo hard to get into?

Think about all the people you bump into at popular events, such as the Wireless festival. At least 3 of those people know someone that can help you with the answer.  But even then, if your networking and social skills aren’t great because you “don’t really go to bait events too tough anymore”, and you’re “not really into the social media thing”, what is the point? You’re knowing people for knowing sake. Days, weeks, and months are going by, and you haven’t made any progress because you didn’t “wanna seem like a beg” when someone suggested sending a DM to a seasoned professional on LinkedIn.

Let’s say you find someone that is willing to sit down and talk you through their journey. They’ve told you all the steps they took to get to their current position, and you’ve taken down a few notes: “Went to LSE”, “Something about ACCA??”, “Got a bursary”. You’ll quickly learn when reading back on those notes that they can’t get you to where you need to be because they are not you. Their experiences, and passion for what they do, differs from yours and, quite frankly, they don’t care about you. They have their own problems to solve; their own questions need answering.

You can be told everything you need to know to get you started, but it’s up to you to be self sufficient, use your initiative, and learn the skills you need to get you to where you aspire to be. Get a grip man, you can do this.

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