I have been into freelancing for quite a long time, and now I am experienced enough to share some freelancing tips.

Yeah, I have got some tips for you; tips about making changes to the freelancing routine.

First things first, why is it necessary?

Simple, you get more time to enjoy when you make a freelance work routine and follow it.

You get enough time to hang out with your friends and participate in parties.

If you’re a full-time freelancer and follow a no-routine principle for your projects, you’re on the risk to lose most of the colours of your life.

Losing colours mean losing your social activities.

Without a routine, you’ll end up with tight deadlines, and you won’t even find time for yourself!

So whenever you do it, do it with a routine.

So, here are some tips to become a bad freelancer who manages his time effectively:

Tip #1. Do the Smartwork

We hear motivational speakers sharing the power of smart work as it is the only way to accomplish more in less. It’s about making subtle decisions and sticking to it. Those decisions can be habits like stopping only when you’re done.

Doing smart work makes you stand out from other freelancers. Smart work requires less effort, so you do more, and when you do more, you grow quicker!

So, the first thing is about doing smart work. Learning new techniques to get your work done effectively is essential for it!

Tip #2. Have a Holiday

I know you wake up, have breakfast and coffee, and find yourself on the desk with pyjamas.

That’s great but other than most of the freelancers do, like they work the whole week. No holidays, no time to relax.

No holiday in freelancing means you’re doing the hard work.

And I guess we are looking for smart work, right?

So, get a holiday fixed and relax that day.

Researches have proved that breaks are essential as they boost productivity and work quality spontaneously.

Tip #3. Fix your working Hours

As you’ve finalized your holiday, it’s time to finalize your working hours.

Here’s the thing, no need to stick to 9-5 or any traditional routine to work.

It is the beauty of freelancing, man!

Fix any flexible hours for you to work.

But here’s the thing; please stick to it!

Tip #3. Stop watching Netflix

No, I am not asking you to quit watching your favourite TV series altogether.

What I am asking you is, don’t dare to open Netflix in your power hours.

On your workspace, you’ve to complete your work milestones first and then you may watch Netflix.

Tip #4. Stop using Social Media

It is the second time I am asking you to stop using something.

First Netflix and now, social media…

How can I avoid these, these are important for me, I get bored!

Okay, I am not asking you to avoid these altogether.

I just want to avoid these when you’re on your working desk. If you keep social media, Netflix and other distractions together, you’ll end up with tight deadlines.


There was a time when I had no idea about setting priorities and delivering projects on time. I used to work all day watching movies, checking Facebook newsfeed, and spending a few hours for the actual work.

This habit made me lose my clients as I was unable to deliver on time. I was distracted when I was doing the actual work.

And when I prioritized my working time, everything changed.

What I did, I followed “work first, and then enjoy” principle which eventually helped me become a BETTER freelancer. The one who worked for just a few hours to meet the deadlines!

How I did that? Go back and reread those four tips.

Happy Freelancing! :))

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