You must have more than 24 hours in your day if you have enough time to tick off everything on the daily to-do lists we agreed to stick to, clean your house, catch up on every Game of Thrones episode before the season starts, learn something new online AND write threads on how “Chidera Eggerue is a fake feminist because…”.

PRIORITISE. Even if you use only social media for bants, doesn’t it make sense to curate your feeds to things that inspire you, teach you, and make you laugh? If you see someone say “men commiting s*icide is not my concern”, surely you’d just block and keep it moving? If you see a girl on Instagram that makes you feel fat and ugly, broke and lonely, boring and sad, just unfollow her, sis. Then replace that follow with a meme page. Or a personal development page. Or simply get off your phone and jump on an online course (like I told you to two weeks ago ).

If you have enough time to complain about $LuMf70w3r on Twitter, indirect your opps on Snapchat, and stare at brainless babes on Instagram, then you have more than enough time to work on your upcoming exams, and personal development.

To the super busy people, that never have time for anything at all because they’re doing SO much ALL DAY: your morning and evening commute, lunch breaks, evening baths, and car journeys to Croydon, count too! No excuses.

Spend less time worrying about what people you’ve never, and hopefully will never meet, have to say online, and more time working on you.

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