Step #1. Keep a Written Record

I have been through those times when my hard work was not measured by money. I was doing work for free. Those times included free and paid internships. One thing is common in both internships, you work but no money. In free internships, you don’t get paid at all while in paid, you get paid very little that are enough for transport charges only.

To avoid working for free in such cases, I tried to keep a written record for what I did.

As I was about to complete my internship duration, I presented the record to my manager.

And guess what?

I received a paycheck that was 3x more than the stipend.

Step #2. Get a percentage fixed to be paid in advance

The start of my freelancing, I always thought about getting paid in advance. But most of the clients don’t go with payments unless they get their projects completed. As you complete the project, the clients take days or even weeks to process the massive transaction.

To avoid this, ask for a fixed percentage (from 25% to 50%) of the actual cost in advance. In this way, the client has to pay a portion of the cost later which can be covered easily.

Step #3. Divide the Project into Milestones

The above strategy doesn’t work for the clients that don’t pay in advance at all. To make them pay, there’s a divide and rule principle.

What to divide?

Divide the project!

Divide the project into milestones. A great freelancing platform, Upwork makes use of this principle.

While you divide the project into milestones, set prices for each.

As soon as you proceed with the first milestone, get your pay-out and then proceed to the next milestone.

This principle worked perfectly for me, try it once!


Everybody wants to get paid according to the competitive market rates but nobody talks about the quality of services. To make sure you earn what your seniors are earning, you have to match the quality of the work they provide. To improve quality, keep learning and stay focused. You don’t deserve anything good if you stop learning.

To get what competitive market is paying, you need to make yourself stand out. This could be done only through consistent learning and continuous practice.

Learning is just the beginning while implementation is the real game.

Gary Vaynerchuk calls it, “PRACTICALITY”.

Practicality is the art of bringing your ideas into reality. Just like you’re working on dreams, work on what you learned about your skills.

Remember, if you learn and don’t bring practicality in, your knowledge will rust out. You’ll always stay where you started, no growth.

Some top freelancers use the term “GROWTH”, too. Growth, on the other hand, is a perfect combo of continuous learning and implementation.

I am sure you got my point, right?

Still confused?

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