Most of the Frshly team are currently in fields they love, doing things they are passionate about. However, that’s not the case for all, and after the emails I received from last week’s Squeeze, I’ve quickly realised it may not be the case for a large majority of young adults.

I’ve decided that encouraging people to “follow your passion” is overrated. Firstly, it’s too much pressure. Why should you have to focus on this one thing and feel like you’re not fulfilling your purpose if you don’t. 

We’ve allowed the internet and motivational speakers (with undefined occupations) teach us that if we do what we love we’ll never work a day in our lives. I love what I do, but I’ll admit that on some days I’m just having a terrible time – I’m passionate so I take criticism to heart, overwork, and say yes to things I know I don’t have time for, just because it’ll be “fun” to work on. Work is always hard, don’t let anyone fool you.

If you are unhappy in your current role, now is the best time to think about possibly switching careers, or simply the industry you work in. You’re young, the time for making mistakes is now! You were born in the age of technology, so utilise it. The exponential growth of tech makes it possible for you to move from banking to FinTech, launch a company from your bunk bed, have one-to-one conversations with people from your dream company, become Instagram famous, and build several skillsets that can triple your salary.

Let’s play a game: ask yourself what you love doing. Either your mind will go blank, or you’ll have a list of very silly things. 

Here’s my list:

  • Wasting boys’ time; 
  • Messy nights out; 
  • Online shopping; 
  • Getting my hair done; 
  • Wasting boys’ money; 
  • Sewing (but only for myself). 

Not very helpful. 

Now ask yourself what your strengths are. This is when you’ll realise that you may be better suited in practical rather than analytical roles. Have a look at jobs that suit your strengths list. Outsource people in your company that can complement your weaknesses. Build on skillsets that will make you the ideal candidate. Most importantly, remind yourself that there’s no such thing as enjoying your job so much it never feels like work.

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