Hey, I’m Drey I’m a freelance stylist, business owner and I work in the fashion closet at the online fashion destination Net-a-Porter during the week

Being a freelance stylist – I started styling pretty much straight out of college, I decided not to go to university at the time as I thought a gap year was what I needed but in that gap year I discovered what I loved – fashion. 

I started assisting/interning any way and anywhere I could; 

Now magazine 

I heart studios 

Fashion week 

Assisting stylists etc 

The stylist I was assisting at the time told me to start a blog that covers fashion news, tips etc and so I did. This was around the time blackberries were losing their allure and iPhones started to become the main phone to have – and in came Instagram. 

I started posting my outfits and got great feedback. 

I began getting booked to do my own shoots, working with celebrities, editorials etc. 

I went through a period in my life where I stopped using social media I kind of became out of touch with it all and lost the passion & confidence I once had for sharing looks – if there’s one thing I want you to learn from me today it’s consistency – remain consistent in everything. Thankfully today I’ve regained the confidence to start posting on my socials and sharing my passion with people who follow me for style ideas, and I couldn’t be happier. 

My business – I started my brand Stylefixxjewellery in 2016 simply because I’m a fan of dainty jewellery and time would often get asked where my jewellery was from, a lot of it was high street jewellery and would be sold out before the person could buy it, that’s what pushed me to start my own online jewellery business. 

So far it has been amazing, SF has been seen on BBC Joolz Holland, featured in fashionbombdaily, Grazia and I’ve had the chance to collaborate with many beautiful influencers. 

L’s – Marketing by collaboration: 

Although I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with really amazing bloggers, I’ve also had my fair share of losses in which I’ve literally sent out stock to people who were unable to fulfil their end of the contract – advice I’ll give to anybody starting out and selling a product. 

  • Typically, in the beginning you may not start with 1000 units and so you want to minimise stock loss as much as you can. 

When collaborating don’t just go for bloggers with numbers, do they interact well with all their followers?

Are they influential?

  • Draft up a contract, so everybody understands what is expected. 
  • Majority of influencers/bloggers require payment so make sure you’re not wasting product and money and do your proper research on those you want to collaborate with before going forward. 

Working for a fashion brand also pushes me to keep going in the direction I am headed, it’s good to be around likeminded people who keep you motivated, I understand it is not easy at all getting a job in fashion especially being a black woman, trust me!! I know (I’ve worked at many places before this non-fashion related) but continue to be persistent especially if it’s something you know you truly want.

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