My name is Celine Erorh, I work in a mental health in-patient unit providing support to patients who are unwell.

I’m also the founder of CelutionsUk, a social enterprise that is dedicated to finding the solutions to the problems surrounding mental health. 

Our aim is to increase mental health awareness amongst young people and revolutionise the way mental health is perceived. We also aim to build a safe community where people are able to discuss their mental health with others through our online presence, events and workshops.

Your dreams are for YOU, so do what YOU want to do. Figure out what you’d be happy to get out of bed for, make a plan and make power moves towards it. Nothing is impossible!

It might not be a smooth road though, always be open to making mistakes on the way but be willing to ask for help if/when you need it.

Remember that success is a personal journey, use tunnel vision at all times and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Try not to get caught up worrying about the speed other people are moving at – remember that progress is progress, even if you’re taking baby steps you’re still moving forward.

Lastly, have faith. Believe in what you are doing with your whole heart and show the world why they should believe in it too! 

Good luck! 

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